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Google Home

US $129.00

Playing host to the in-laws. Crossing 42,872 names off the gift list. Turkey basting. Getting through the holidays shouldn’t require hiring a personal assistant. Especially when there’s Google Home: Think of it as a trusted pal, with the entire internet’s worth of knowledge at her disposal, or an efficient little elf, embodied in one sleek, voice-activated speaker. Go ahead, ask it anything: “Hey Google, add a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to my shopping list. Actually, make it a case.” Or “Hey Google, set a timer for eight and half minutes.” It’ll remind you to meditate, call mom, adjust the living room heat, stream Home Alone, chill, or replenish your almond milk—all without lifting a finger. Better still, ask Google to blast Bing Crosby through the house by syncing multiple Google Home devices. (Hear that superior sound? You’re welcome.)

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