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Google Home Hub

US $149.00

Imagine the same voice-control capabilities and full-range speaker as Google Home and Google Home Max but enhanced with a sleek seven-inch touchscreen that’s easy for the whole family to use. A hands-free personal assistant, smart home command center, and digital photo album, Google Home Hub with the built-in Google Assistant is a smart way to streamline your day. Whether you’re brushing your teeth or have your hands full with the kids, simply say, “Hey Google, good morning,” to see—or hear—your schedule, weather updates, traffic delays, and daily reminders in a single dashboard view. Ask it any burning questions, compile gift lists, shuffle holiday tunes, stream family photos—it truly does it all. Ready to hit the hay? "Hey Google, good night” sets your alarm without you lifting a finger.

Google Home Hub and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.