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GRP Yoga Mat

US $128.00

Manduka’s GRP mat is a staple in slip-prevention (we believe that’s a thing). Which means you can focus more on transitioning from crow to handstand—or chilling in down dog—and less on making adjustments just to keep your asana in place. Plus, good cushion provides support and stability for your practice.

  • Polyurethane/natural rubber
  • 26" x 71"; 6 mm thick
  • Made in Spain
GRP Yoga Mat

GRP Yoga Mat

About the Brand

Inspired by his love of yoga, architect Peter Sterios set out to design a better yoga mat, and with the Manduka mat—now a classic—he succeeded. Named for his yogi mentor’s favorite pose, frog, the classic black mat quickly became a favorite of both teachers and students; now the company makes mats, straps, and blocks, all thoughtfully designed and made from renewable resources.