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Hand Soap Starter Set

US $22.00

The average home goes through twenty-five single-use plastic bottles of hand soap per year—most of which eventually find their way into our oceans and proceed to break down into tiny particles that end up in our food supply. Blueland set out to change this—with reusable glass bottles and tiny-but-mighty clean-ingredient tablets. Simply drop a tablet into the bottle with water (no shaking or stirring required), and wash your hands as normal. The foaming soap leaves skin feeling soft and not stripped. And when you need to, re-up on refill tablets for just a couple of bucks (your wallet, and Mother Earth, will thank you).

Set includes:

  • 1 signature glass reusable bottle
  • 6 (2 of each of the 3 scents) foaming hand soap tablets in three scents Iris Agave, Perrine Lemon and Lavender Eucalyptus
Hand Soap Starter Set

Hand Soap Starter Set