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Hum Nutrition

Here Comes the Sun High-Potency Vitamin D3

US $20.00

Hum Nutrition loads their supplement with the same form of vitamin D3 that your body produces in response to sunlight. You can take it daily to support cellular health and strong bones.

  • 120 softgel pills
Here Comes the Sun High-Potency Vitamin D3

Here Comes the Sun High-Potency Vitamin D3

How to Use

Take two of these high-potency vitamin D3 softgels (1,000 IU per capsule) at any time of day, with a meal.

About the Brand

After years of suffering through endless conventional topical treatments for his breakouts, Walter Faulstroh managed to clear his skin from the inside out with clean, high-quality supplements. Hum Nutrition evolved from his original, life-changing formula into a vast of array of easy-to-understand options in sleek, bright bottles. Made with powerful, detoxifying ingredients from the purest, most potent sources, there are formulas for everything from strengthening nails to boosting energy and supporting skin tone.