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goop Wellness

High School Genes Key Tag

$15.00$5.00 Final Sale

We’re calling BS on the idea that we have to say goodbye to good genes (or skinny jeans) in any decade, with this aqua blue key tag, designed in partnership with Various Projects. It coordinates with the vitamin protocol and the t-shirt.

  • Microsurfaced impact acrylic
  • Width: 2"; Length: 0.75"


Ships to

  • United States
  • Canada

Item is non-returnable

About the Brand

Determining which vitamins to take can be overwhelming: it’s hard to choose from a vast array of products, and there is a ton of conflicting information—plus, there are well-founded concerns about what’s actually in them, which range from whether supplements contain what they claim, to questions about ingredient quality (and occasionally toxicity). This is too bad, as the modern, American diet often calls for extra vitamin and mineral support—and we all deserve products that actually work.

At goop, we’ve built our brand by starting important conversations, and turning to the best doctors and experts in the field for advice and solutions. Not only are these doctors on the cutting-edge of what’s coming next, but they work tirelessly in their fields on protocols to help as many patients as possible. They understand what we need; they understand what works.

With goop WELLNESS, we’ve partnered with these practitioners to deliver health-defining vitamin and supplement regimens that address acute needs. Clear your shelves of all those random bottles, because each of our daily packets contains everything you are probably looking for.