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Bath Salts For Inner Peace

US $78.00

Formulated from Himalayan Salt Crystals—and scented with all-natural essential oils—these bath salts take a soak to the next level. This particular blend promotes inner peace.

  • 500g
bath salts for inner peace

Bath Salts For Inner Peace

About the Brand

With indulgent combinations of pure botanicals, rare sea salts, and critical minerals, Ila’s skin and body care truly make you feel as if you’re at a spa. The aromatherapeutic scents are absolutely out of this world, and the ingredients and sourcing are next-level: Founder Denise Leicester buys only from farms that prioritize farm workers and the environment, and she focuses on vibrational qualities within ingredients. Working with local co-ops in Pakistan and the Himalayas, the company empowers women through small enterprise; in the Amazon, it works with indigenous communities to preserve their way of life by creating sustainable tribal business models. Fittingly, “ila” is the Sanskrit word for “earth.”