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Interior Aromatic - Love


This home spray—mist it in the air, freshen sheets, sofa pillows, scarves, blankets, even the inside of your car—is made with jasmine, ylang ylang, vetiver, and patchouli essential oils, all known to have aphrodisiac properties to uplift and stimulate. It’s subtly incredible on its own—or equally fantastic combined with other Sandoval sprays, to create a signature home scent. A rose quartz crystal, charged in the full moon, comes in each bottle.

  • 16 oz
  • Made in USA


Ships to

  • United States
  • Canada


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About the Brand

Sandoval’s chic approach to the power of botanicals, essential oil, and aromatherapy is both modern and easy. From personal scents to room sprays, concentrates, and incense, each of the hand-blended scents contain an actual crystal—charged with energy by in the light of the full moon. All work beautifully on fabrics—we spritz them on sofa cushions, sheets and pillowcases, and scarves—as well as infusing the air with love, positive energy, and more.