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Kamado-san Donabe Rice Cooker

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This is the best rice cooker money can buy. Handcrafted by a family of artisans who have been making donabe—Japan’s ultimate one-pot, oven-to-table stoneware cookers—for centuries, each stunningly simple pot takes two weeks to make. Made of special clay from a particular part of Japan that makes them thicker than most, so they retain heat better than any other donabe out there, they’re also incredibly durable. The double lid works sort of like a pressure cooker, so the pot continues to deliver exceptionally even heat, even once you’ve turned the heat off. Heat it up on the stove at medium-high; it’s finished with a special glaze that promotes far-infrared radiation (FIR) to help heat penetrate into the core of each grain while retaining moisture for perfect, fluffy, evenly cooked rice every time.

  • Proprietary clay
  • Height: 8 ¾"; Diameter: 9 ½"
  • 12 lbs.
  • Gas oven required for use
Kamado-san Donabe Rice Cooker

Kamado-san Donabe Rice Cooker

About the Brand

The secret to Igá-Monó's superior donabe is hidden in the clay vessel’s Biwa clay: The rich residue of an ancient valley submerged by Lake Biwa is embedded with the crushed organic matter of buried sea life. When fired, the matter dissolves to create a porous pot that allows for superior heat retention and induction. Igá-Monó has been produced by the same family for 175 years at the oldest kiln site in Japan.