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Hunter Boots

Kids Classic Hunter Boot

US $55.00

These classic waterproof rain boots are perfect for puttering around––a Hunter signature, they have a wide opening (easy to pull on, easy to kick off), a rounder footbed (for growing feet), and a textile liner (to keep those little toes toasty and dry). 

  • 100% natural rubber
  • Circumference: 10.5"; Shaft: 7"
Kids Classic Hunter Boot

Kids Classic Hunter Boot

About the Brand

Though most people view Hunter as an English heritage brand, it was actually started by American entrepreneurs who came to Scotland with a patent from Charles Goodyear. They quickly gained a following among hunters and gardeners, but the company didn’t really take off until World War I, when the boots became indispensable, keeping soldiers’ feet dry in muddy trenches. After the war, their signature green wellington boots became ubiquitous with rural English culture (post-war, the generation of people still living in rural England became known as the “green welly brigade”). Today, all of Hunter’s boots are produced in Edinburgh, where they continue to be a mainstay.