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Lavender Bulgaria Essential Oil

US $25.00

A blend of four different lavender varieties, all of them organically cultivated in Bulgaria, this essential oil is perfect for both therapeutic use and as a calming fragrance. Profoundly soothing, mood-lifting, and cooling, this lavender oil is most effective through simple, direct palm inhalation, but it mixes well with other oils in a diffuser, too. It makes an incredible sleep aid, and, paradoxically, can sharpen alertness, too.

  • 0.5 oz

How to Use

For immediate benefits, place a drop of this deeply soothing oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub your palms together, bring them towards your face and deeply inhale. Place a few drops into a diffuser for a relaxing home fragrance, or—in the bedroom, at night—as a gentle sleep aid. Apply a drop topically to support skin health, including the soothing of insect bites, or apply as part of a cold compress to soothe any specific area of the body. At nighttime, place two drops on a cotton ball and tuck under your pillowcase before bed for an incredible night's rest. Add several drops to warm bathwater to help you relax at the end of a long day, or with any massage oil to uplift mood and ease head and shoulder tension.