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Fog Linen

Linen Kitchen Cloth

US $15.00

These long-lasting chambray dish cloths actually do get better with age. Each time they go through the washing machine, they just get softer and more absorbent. Install some hooks near the sink so you can hang them to dry on the convenient cotton loop.

  • Sold individually
  • 100% linen
  • Machine wash cold and hang dry
  • 45 x 65 cm
  • Made in Lithuania

About the Brand

Fog designer Rumiko Sekine is actually based in Tokyo, but she sources the linen for her designs in Lithuania, where they grow a lot of flax (the fibers of which are then spun into cloth). Once she started importing the napkins, aprons, and tablecloths to her native Japan, it wasn’t long before people in the US started asking for them, too. Her straightforward designs make for objects are equally beautiful and practical.