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Lip Balm Coconut SPF 20

US $3.50

Equal parts super-hydrator and super-sun-protector, this gorgeous, certified organic, gluten-free balm smooths and softens lips like nothing else. The utterly nontoxic SPF 20 is especially important here, given that you end up consuming much of what’s in any lip product; the coconut moisturizes like crazy, and feels amazing on skin.

  • .15 oz
Lip Balm Coconut SPF 20

Lip Balm Coconut SPF 20

About the Brand

As the name suggests, this line is made with ingredients that are good, both for you and the environment. Founder Caroline Duell started concocting herbal remedies for friends and family focusing on their skin issues. From the cult-following lip balms to super-moisturizing natural sunblocks, everything is reef friendly and packaged in sleekly simple, modern tubes and tins.