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A creamy, classic, semi-matte lipstick that feels fantastic going on, lasts beautifully, and finishes any look. 

  • In My Room—a soft, wear-it-constantly pink/brown that works for practically every skin tone.
  • Perfect Day—a warm, muted coral-red.
  • Strike It Up—a true, saturated red with blue undertones, this is the brand’s most classic, dramatic red.
  • 0.14 oz



Ships to

  • United States
  • Canada

About the Brand

Wildly chic and incredibly flattering, this beautifully-tinted, sumptuously textured makeup line started with lipsticks, setting a new bar of gorgeousness in the clean space and has expanded into delicately textured foundations, glossy mascaras, and more. Makeup artist Sasha Plavsic’s brother Zachary suffered from severe asthma growing up, prompting their mother to search for a cure primarily through diet, so the line’s focus on non-toxic ingredients—the skin is the body’s largest organ, after all—has been critical to the business. At the same time, her brilliant touch with pigments, both sheer and intense, go far beyond good for you into the realm of just plain fantastic.