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Little Feminist Board Book Set

US $15.00

Frida Kahlo, Cleopatra, Gloria Steinem, Marie Curie—this bite-sized book set is like a feminist who’s who, featuring all the artists, leaders, activists, and pioneers a growing girl should know. Richly illustration by Lydia Ortiz and with compelling tales by Emily Kleinman, it’s a digestible read and interactive way to get to know female leaders who have made an impact on the world. (Bonus perk: It’s made of 90 percent recycled paper and printed with non-toxic inks.)

  • 4-8 page books
  • Ages 0-5
  • Artists: Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker, Frida Kahlo and Ella Fitzgerald
  • Leaders: Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Indira Gandhi and Hillary Clinton
  • Activists: Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem and Malala Yousafzai
  • Pioneers: Marie Curie, Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart and Billie Jean King
Little Feminist Board Book Set

Little Feminist Board Book Set