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LoRox Aligned Life Kit

US $65.95

This ultimate kit—from body alignment specialist Lauren Roxburgh—combines everything you need to be your own body whisperer. There’s the body sphere, which is a total-body tool that can be used like an exercise ball to build strength; the pebbled aligned domes which feel amazing against your scalp; and a mini infinity roller that you can take anywhere. Balance your body, reset your mind, and roll out the stress.


  • LoRox body sphere: pump included. The pump needle is stored inside the handle, beneath the rubber cap
  • LoRox aligned dome: set of 2
  • LoRox infinity roller


  • Body sphere: diameter: 8.7"
  • Aligned dome: diameter (at base): 6"
  • Infinity roller: height: 3"; width: 5"
LoRox Aligned Life Kit

LoRox Aligned Life Kit

About the Brand

Body whisperer Lauren Roxburgh turned all of us at onto foam rolling, a practice that’s the equivalent to getting a deep tissue massage. The rollers from OPTP—Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products—are particularly fantastic.