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Tata Harper

Love Potion

US $42.00

This sexy, gorgeous combination of 10 of the world’s most intensely aphrodisiac oils—from frankincense and jasmine to rose, grapefruit, and cedarwood—smells beyond-beautiful….and puts you (and people close to you) in a decidedly more sensual frame of mind. It heightens the senses, accentuates feelings of warmth and love, boosts your sense of beauty and confidence, and leaves you with an inner glow. Heaven. 

  • 0.16 fl oz

About the Brand

With her chic green-glass jars and pots, Tata Harper set a new bar for glamour within the natural skin-care space; she’s also taken authenticity in sourcing to a new level, formulating and growing the majority of the ingredients in her products on her organic farm in Vermont. From her bestselling, glow-inducing masks to her adorable lip-and-cheek tints, the entire line is pure luxury.