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Ever Veritas

Meditation Cushion Set

US $496.00

Made to order. Please allow 7 business days for shipping.

Based on a traditional Zafu and Zabuton—used in Zazen meditation for centuries—these supportive pillows enable comfortable physical stillness, extremely helpful in personal meditative practice. Made in Los Angeles of organic-dried buckwheat hulls (which can be added or removed to adjust the pillows’ firmness) and organic, USA-grown cotton fiber, the cushions shape and adjust to your form over time. Each pillow has a beautiful (and removable, easy-to-clean) Belgian linen cover, making it both a gorgeous and centering addition to any meditation practice.
  • Main: 100% Belgian linen; Inserts: 100% cotton canvas
  • Zafu: Length: 5", Width: 17"; Filled with organic dried buckwheat hulls 
  • Zabuton: Length: 28", Width: 28"; Filled with organic cotton batting