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Mansur Gavriel

Mini Mini Bucket Bag

US $395.00

It’s the OG Mansur fan-favorite, shrunk down to its cutest iteration. Sized for just the essentials (phone, keys, wallet), this Italian leather bucket bag is the consummate companion whether you’re going out to eat, meeting up with friends, or just running errands. And that red matte patent interior adds a fun pop of color to classic black.

  • 100% cow leather
  • 6" x 7.9" x 3.9"
  • Made in Italy
Mini Mini Bucket Bag

Mini Mini Bucket Bag

About the Brand

They’re the duo behind the now-iconic drawstring bucket bag. And Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel’s story is one of those overnight-successes that’ll make anyone’s ears perk up: Girl meets girl at XX concert in LA. Both are, respectively, design- and art-school grads that share a common contemporary aesthetic. Both see void in the market for luxury bags at a less-than-a-monthly-mortgage price. And in 2012, volià: Mansur Gavriel was born. Here’s the rundown: No overt branding or extra frills, just clean, sophisticated—and yet no less practical—Italian-made bags designed with the minimalist in mind.