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Olive & June

Nail Art Stickers

US $8.00

Inspired by the most popular nail-art requests at one of our favorite L.A. nail salons, Olive & June, these nail-art stickers are incredibly cute, yet manage to be sophisticated and cool and the same time. They also make custom-looking nail art about as easy as it gets: Peel away a sticker, place it on your nail, and set with clear top coat.

  • Cherry on Top: Ice cream cones, sprinkles, and cherries.
  • Lovely Day: Pastel rainbows, daisies, hearts, and fluffy clouds.
  • Polymer, UV Ink, PET
  • 1 sticker sheet per pack
Nail Art Stickers

Nail Art Stickers

How to Use

Peel the stickers off and set them on your nail bed. Cover with clear coat and let dry. 

About the Brand

Sarah Gibson Tuttle left her career as an equity trader for companies like JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley and moved to Los Angeles—where she could not find a nail salon she liked. So she opened Olive & June, a chain of super-pretty, airy nail salons where each of the treatments is named after an important woman in Tuttle’s life. On top of perfect, shiny manicures and pedicures, the salon does relaxing hand and foot treatments, awesome nail art, and even serves tea.