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Clearlight Saunas

Nordic Spruce 2-Person Sauna

US $3,300.00

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

This infrared sauna is the ultimate detoxifying tool, as goop’s go-to expert Dr. Junger explains (read the whole article here): “The infrared band in the spectrum of light is the one that we perceive as heat. It makes the body sweat at lower temperatures than the ones needed for regular convection heated saunas, so people tolerate it better. Because IR penetrates deeper—up to three inches—it mobilizes and burns fat, which not only helps with weight loss but with detoxification as well, since many of the toxins we absorb are surrounded and trapped by fat. Infrared saunas are also smaller and easier to install than regular saunas, and are more affordable.” Clearlight is the only infrared sauna that has no exposure to either electromagnetic fields (EMF) or extremely low electric fields (ELF). Comes with a complimentary ergonomic solid wood backrest, which makes sitting sideways on the bench very comfortable.

  • Comes with free gift with purchase: Ergonomic Nordic Spruce Backrest ($60 value)
  • Eco certified grade 'A' clear hypoallergenic Nordic Spruce
  • Exterior: Width: 50"; Height: 76.5"; Depth: 44"
  • Interior: Width: 46"; Height: 67"; Depth: 40"; Bench: Width: 45"; Depth: 20"
  • 335 lbs
  • True wave carbon/ceramic low EMF infrared heaters
  • Power: 120V/ 1,750W/ 14A; plugs into any standard 3-prong outlet
  • Designed for indoor use only
  • Lifetime warranty for the original owner

Shipping and assembly:

  • Assembly of your Clearlight Infrared Sauna is quick and easy. It usually takes 2 people about an hour to assemble the sauna. No tools or sauna building experience are required.
  • Shipping is complimentary to mainland USA. The freight company will make an appointment for delivery. Your shipment will consist of a number of individual boxes placed on a single pallet. It's an outdoor "curbside" delivery: the driver will move the palletized sauna off the truck.
  • White glove service is also available for an additional charge. Please call 1-844-WTF-GOOP to schedule white glove delivery and installation.