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Skinny & Co.

Oil Pulling Kit

US $34.00

Oil pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic oral hygiene practice akin to modern-day mouthwash, is done to refresh the breath and remove excess “ama,” or oral buildup. And it’s easier than easy: After brushing your teeth, take a spoonful of this peppermint-flavored coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 5 to 20 minutes—we clock it with the time it takes for our skin-care routine, plus getting dressed. Then spit into the trash can when you’re done.

Set includes:

  • Lip balm (0.5 oz)
  • Oil (8.5 oz)
  • Bamboo spoon
Oil Pulling Kit

Oil Pulling Kit

About the Brand

Founder Luke Geddie’s devotion to wellness and living a clean, non-toxic life started as a child when his younger brother suffered from a painful illness. Years later, on a trip to Southeast Asia, he discovered a new way to distill coconut oil without using heat, synthetic chemicals, or solvents that could compromise the quality. The result is Skinny & Co, whose sophisticated coconut-based inventory ranges from oil-pulling kits to lip balm to skincare and shampoo.