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Opal Spa Eye Mask

US $68.00

Modeled on a centuries-old tradition (Chinese empresses loved them), beaded eye masks feel absolutely incredible on—plus they leave your skin refreshed and depuffed, and your mind relaxed and clear. Place the handwoven, sustainably sourced beaded opalite eye mask over your eyes (hint: It feels great if you store in the fridge beforehand) to cool, relax, and soothe undereye puffiness. It’s brilliant before bed, in savasana, pre-going out, during meditation—it is truly the mask of a thousand uses.

  • Store in the fridge. Do NOT store in freezer
Opal Spa Eye Mask

Opal Spa Eye Mask

About the Brand

At certified aromatherapist Alexis Rose’s Lilfox apothecary studio in Miami, Florida, skin care is both a science and a kind of magic: The truly transformative blends of organic botanical extracts, virgin oils, concentrated phytonutrients, unrefined plant butters, purifying clays, and delicate, organic aqueous distillates known as hydrosols are made by hand, exposed to crystals, and then carefully packaged in amethyst glass, which protects the biodiversity of each formula to ensure the raw, organic ingredients last beautifully.