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Philip B.

Paddle Brush

US $190.00

Designed specially to boost shine every time you brush, this beautifully made paddle brush is absolutely life-changing.  Superstar hair guru Philip B. insisted on a super-dense combination of boar and crystal nylon bristles that massage your scalp, detangling, and smoothing the hair shaft from roots to ends. The body of the brush is sculpted from a single piece of polished mahogany, and it’s the perfect weight in your hand. Use it to gently detangle wet hair, smooth dry hair perfectly into shape, and create a noticeably shinier blowout at home.

  • Reinforced first-cut boar bristles, mahogany (sourced from non-endangered forests); 65% pure boar bristles, 35% nylon bristles
  • 3.5" x 2" x 11.75"
  • Made in Spain
Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush