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Pilates Wheel

Pilates Wheel DLX

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Pilates Wheel DLX

Pilates Wheel DLX

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You’re a long, lean, pilates machine—but you can’t plan your busy schedule around the studio. Take it to the house: The Pilates Wheel DLX comes with resistance bands, foot loops, anchor straps and extenders—and of course, the wheel itself. The set distills the Reformer and Cadillac down to their most important components, and packs them up into a portable Pliates gym (you even get access to on-demand classes). 


  • The Pilates Wheel
  • 2 light resistance bands (32"ea)
  • 2 med. resistance bands (32"ea)
  • 2 heavy resistance bands (45"ea)
  • 2 handles
  • 2 foot loops
  • Access to online instruction: 15 thoroughly instructed routines (Including: fundamentals, anchor, cardio, and strength). Access available to live and on demand classes
  • 1 balance staff/anchor
  • 1 anchor strap
  • 2 anchor extenders
  • Nutrition guide
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