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Tammy Fender

Plant Milk

US $125.00

A cushiony shield between your skin and the world, this gentle-but-powerful treatment milk transforms with a new, whole-plant approach. Everything—petals, seeds, roots, fruits, leaves—from skin-friendly plants like white lily, wild arnica, and milk thistle is used in service of treating and nurturing every skin type, even the most sensitive. Think of it as something of a serum, that can be used with or without other moisturizers or oils, depending on how your skin feels that day. It’s brilliant under or over makeup, as well as on its own.

  • 30 ml
Plant Milk

Plant Milk

About the Brand

There’s truly nothing on earth like a facial with legendary Palm Beach aesthetician Tammy Fender, who’s been practicing in the beauty and healing space for more than 25 years. Her approach to skincare is holistic, with a reliance on fresh ingredients (all of her products should be used within 90 days of opening) and luxurious, ancient healing materials like Bulgarian rosewater and avocado oil.