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Pure Wood Kitchen Tool, Set of 5

US $80.00

If your wooden kitchen tools have flipped one too many batches of turmeric-roasted cauliflower, here’s a modern, minimal, warm upgrade. Designer Pascale Naessen’s dinnerware is equal parts performance and art, all carved from ash wood (note the turmeric-resistant dark brown hue). Pro tip: get a few sets to break up for gifting—they’re perfect for stuffing in a stocking or gift bag.

  • Ash wood
Pure Wood Kitchen Tool, Set of 5

Pure Wood Kitchen Tool, Set of 5

About the Brand

What began as a series of flowerpots when brothers Axel and Serge Van Den Bossche took over their mother’s business in 1987 has grown into a robust, thousands-strong collection. In addition to house lines, the Belgian-based design and production house now collaborates with a range of international designers, specializing in contemporary furniture, tableware, lighting, and of course, pottery.