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Radiance Trio Set

US $22.00

Whether your mood dictates original, matcha, or cacao, these turmeric-and-ginger tonics are individually portioned out so you can add them to water, milk, or smoothies on the go.

  • Contains 4 sachets each of Original, Cacao, and Matcha (12 total)
Radiance Trio Set

Radiance Trio Set

About the Brand

Brooklyn-based Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s curiosity about the power of turmeric first started when her mother began taking it; when Wofford began looking for a holistic approach to glowy skin, she did, too—to what she says are fantastic results. She and her partner Issey Kobori created an entire brand based around turmeric: There are gorgeously packaged tonics, and even an amazing-recipe-packed blog, aptly named “The Golden Hour.”