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Renaissance Mask


Alpha-hydroxy acids from citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit combine with enzyme-rich papaya and prebiotics to give skin a radiance-boosting lift. Filled with ingredients that encourage cellular turnover, this exfoliating mask leaves skin smoother, refined, and glowing.

  • 50 ml


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How to Use

Apply the pink mask to dry, clean skin and massage until it turns white—then let sit for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how sensitive your skin is. When ready to rinse, apply a small amount of water to the skin and massage again—the mask will turn into a milk and easily rinse off.

About the Brand

Georgie Cleeve first realized the power of MSM—an organic sulfur compound with benefits ranging from strengthening hair and nails to supporting collagen production—when she started taking it to help heal cartilage damage in her knees from a childhood skiing accident. Not only did her joints begin to feel better, her acne and eczema improved considerably, too. After three years of extensive research, work with a team of dermatologists and nutritionists, Cleeve created Oskia London, a supremely elegant,effective line of skincare made with the bioactive nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids that cells need to thrive. The brand’s exquisite masks, creams, oils, and boosters use microencapsulation technology to help the active ingredients penetrate to beautifully repair skin.