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Replenishing Facial Serum

US $59.00

GP’s Israeli makeup artist Angela Levin always starts with this oil from Israel before foundation—it’s her secret for glowy, red carpet skin. Made with extracts from 19 different plants including pomegranate seed, lemon myrtle, and cold-pressed mandarin oil, this plumps skin with moisture, antioxidants, active plant acids, and minerals. The oil is ultra-moisturizing, the texture is gorgeous, and the scent is subtle and beautiful—plus, it's vegan, gluten-free, and made using organic, cold-pressed essential oils.

  • 1.01 fl oz

About the Brand

Herbalist Ido Magal established Lavido in 2003 in the Galilee Valley, inspired by childhood memories of tending grandmother’s organic garden. This resulting collection of organic skin care miracle-workers is based in raw, plant-based ingredients, amplified with purified, mineral-rich water. Not only do Lavido’s products use only certified organic essential oils, but they are also dermatologically tested.