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True Botanicals

Resurfacing Body Mask

US $48.00

This amazing body-smoothing treatment leaves you with glowy, baby-soft skin. The combination of plant-derived lactic acid and green tea gently exfoliates, revealing fresh skin that’s ready to absorb lotion or oil. Sandalwood, cedarwood, and rosewood oils combine to leave you smelling faintly woodsy. 

  • 3.9 fl oz
Resurfacing Body Mask

Resurfacing Body Mask

How to Use

Massage onto dry skin. Leave on for five to fifteen minutes, then rise off in shower.

About the Brand

This beautiful line started with one determined woman whose serious health crisis set her on a path to create better solutions for people and the planet. Founder and CEO Hillary Peterson envisioned a luxurious, turbocharged clean self-care line that solved problems and set new standards in quality ingredients, efficacy, and sustainability. The result: nourishing, ultraconcentrated, bioactive formulas that include luscious shampoos and conditioners and an extensive, super effective lineup of skin care that works for every skin type.