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Resurrection Bath


Pursoma bath soaks are like nothing you’ve ever tried: serious, serious detox. A true, full-body cleanse from the outside in, each mask is formulated to help detox the body from a different aspect of modern life. They will blow you away, we guarantee. In this one, wild French seaweed and organic algae nourish and hydrate dry and stressed skin, mineral-rich gray sea salt from France helps your body sweat, and natural montmorillonite clay supports detoxification. Super-moisturizing, remineralizing, mind-clearing, this is the ideal treatment for skin in need of major moisture and powerful detox.


  • 10 oz


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United States
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About the Brand

A serious detox for the entire body, Pursoma bath treatments target urban toxicity—exposure to EMFs, digital devices, radiation, pollution, stress, and heavy metals. The high mineral content in the brand’s carefully-sourced French clay pulls out impurities and replenishes the body with nutrients; ingredients like algae, sea salt, and ginger root make the treatments even more powerful. A single bath is transformative; definitely try one at the end of the day, when you can rest afterwards.