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Marte Frisnes

Rita Tassel Earrings

US $176.00

Handmade silk tassels and a brocade-like design on these 24k gold plated earrings make them look like a lot (they hang a few inches above the shoulder), but they’re actually much lighter than they appear.

  • 24K gold on 925 Sterling Silver
  • Avoid water on tassels
  • 90mm
Rita Tassel Earrings

Rita Tassel Earrings

About the Brand

Marte Frisnes grew up on an island off the west coast of Norway, where she loved to collect natural treasures she’d find on the beach—years later, this past-time became one of the inspirations for her collection of handmade, fine-yet-casual jewelry. Now based in the U.K., Frisnes’ elegant, simple designs still have a carefree spirit that resonates wit the far-flung places she’s traveled to.