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Daniela Villegas

Rose-Gold Freyr Necklace

US $10,000.00

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A whimsical statement piece for summer (or any season), this intricate crab pendant—holding a teardrop-shaped sapphire in its claws—is scattered with teeny blue tourmalines all over. Affixed to a delicate 18-karat rose-gold chain, it’s meant to fall right below your clavicle in an elegant drape.

  • 18kt rose gold, 2.69 ct tourmaline, 1.21 ct blue sapphire
  • Made in USA

About the Brand

Between the lifted-from-nature gilded shapes, bug-eyed gem-stones, and artfully detailed living creature motifs—Daniela Villegas’s designs can be summed up in one word: whimsical. The LA-based fine jewelry designer has a deep love for nature, evident in the organic elements she weaves into every next-level design.