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Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil


Created using a unique cold-pressing method, this oil is packed with twice as many carotenoids and sterols (hydrating plant fats) than typical rosehip oils, hence the amazing golden color and its powerful benefits. Bonus: It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

  • 30 ml


Ships to

  • United States
  • Canada


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About the Brand

When British founder Sarah Brown’s skin went from calm and clear to irritated and acne-prone overnight, she discovered that even options claiming to be “hypoallergenic” were still filled with synthetics and irritants, she began creating her own super-effective-yet-gentle-enough-for-super-sensitive skin line. The range of cleansers, oils, and masks avoid all known irritants and are instead made only with nourishing, calming ingredients that soothe troubled skin, like rosehip oil, orange blossom, and wild oats.