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Ariel Gordon

Ruby Pavé Huggies

US $630.00

Made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. 

Each 14-karat gold piece is encrusted with rubies and quite literally hugs the earlobe in a way that’s comfortable (i.e. no snagging on sweaters or tangling in hair), and just sparkly enough to make a subtle statement.

  • 14k yellow gold, rubies
  • Length: 0.5"
Ruby Pavé Huggies

Ruby Pavé Huggies

About the Brand

Ariel Gordon was working as a Hollywood publicist when she decided to change gears and launch an eponymous jewelry line out of her Santa Monica apartment. To this day, all of her jewelry is still handmade in LA, which is primarily a mix of beautifully minimalist 14k gold jewelry detailed with diamonds and semi-precious stones. AGJ consists of highly personal pieces designed to be worn together and collected over time.