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Sandalwood (Vanuatu) Essential Oil

US $35.00

This divine, serenity-inducing oil is renowned for its calming, uplifting properties, and has been used for centuries in both sacred practice and in perfumes. It smells incredible on its own or mixed with other oils, and is thought to aid in meditation in that it helps to put the mind at ease. In the Ayurvedic tradition, sandalwood is considered highly sattvic, meaning it’s essential for wellness of both body and mind; as a topical treatment, it relieves irritated skin (it even helps soothe sunburn when mixed with lavender and helichrysum). This soft, gorgeous-smelling sandalwood oil is sustainably, ethically harvested and distilled with help from The Vanuatu Sandalwood Eco-Project.

  • 0.13 oz

How to Use

To use this essential oil as a deeply transformative perfume, apply drops to the wrists, neck, crown of the head, and center of the chest. Before meditation, apply one drop between the eyebrows (to the third eye). Massage a drop or two into temples to relax the mind; add several drops to a bath for a deeply soothing soak. In the diffuser, a single drop helps promote a calm environment, which is also great for getting a deep, restful sleep (it helps settle kids down for bedtime, too).