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Mun Skin Care


US $95.00

The star of the entire Mun line, this 100% organic oil is built to optimize the anti-aging benefits of prickly-pear seed oil, one of the rarest plant oils on earth, along with argan and Bulgarian rose oils. Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, anitoxidants, and vitamin E, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, prevents premature wrinkles, brightens dark circles, and treats sun damage. It smells gorgeously of roses and leaves your skin refined, nourished, and silky-soft. 

  • 0.68 fl oz

About the Brand

Developed by top makeup artist Munemi Imai, MUN skincare harnesses the power of a new super-ingredient, prickly-pear-seed oil. Deeply hydrating and regenerating, the oil is combined with other clinically proven natural ingredients like argan and Bulgarian rose to smooth, soften, brighten, and moisturize skin.