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One Love Organics

Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm

US $49.00

A rich blend of organic coconut oil, mango butter, and jojoba, this antioxidant balm works as a cleanser, moisturizer, and mask. It gently removes dirt and grime without stripping skin, leaving it moisturized and supple. To cleanse, warm a small amount of balm between your hands, gently pat on skin, and remove with a warm, wet cloth. To moisturize, apply a tiny amount on damp skin. To use as a mask, smooth a pea-size amount of balm on the face, cover with a warm, damp cloth and a dry towel for three to five minutes, then wipe off.

  • 1.8 oz.
Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm

Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm

How to Use

TO CLEANSE: Warm a small amount in your hands and gently massage onto dry skin. Remove with a warm, damp cloth.TO MOISTURIZE: Warm a 1/2 pea-sized amount in your hands and apply to damp skin. A little goes a loooong way.TO MASK: Work a pea-sized amount of Skin Savior onto a clean faceApply a warm, damp cloth over itCover the damp cloth with a dry hand towel and leave on for 3-5 minutesGently wipe off the excess balm using the damp washcloth and follow with your favorite moisturizer.