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Tata Harper

Smoothing Body Scrub

US $79.00

Ultra-hydrating, gorgeously exfoliating, and full of natural essential oils, this leaves your skin unbelievably smooth and moisturized—you may not need body cream at all, post-shower. Five biodegradable exfoliants including pink Himalayan and Hawaiian sea salt, cranberry fiber, apricot seed powder, and organic sugar micro-polish skin; a blend of argan oil and the brand’s antioxidant-laced Estate Grown Beauty Complex delivers long-lasting moisture and a healthy glow.

  • 5 fl oz

About the Brand

With her chic green-glass jars and pots, Tata Harper set a new bar for glamour within the natural skincare space; she’s also taken authenticity in sourcing to a new level, formulating and growing the majority of the ingredients in her products on her organic farm in Vermont. From her best-selling, glow-inducing masks to her adorable lip-cheek tints, the entire line is pure luxury.