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Happiest Baby

Snoo Smart Sleeper

US $1,160.00

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Dr. Harvey Karp’s smart, app-operated intuitive sleeper is meant to serve as the baby’s main sleep space for the first six months of life. By prompting baby’s natural calming reflex, it promotes healthy sleep development from day one. Snoo activates three of Dr. Karp’s miracle-working 5 S’s—swaddling, shushing, and swinging—to calm. Designed for ultimate safety, Snoo’s built-in swaddling system includes protective wings to keep babies safely on their backs. It also uses intelligence to choose the best rocking speed (slow swing for sleep, faster jiggles for calming) and white noise levels (soft for restful sleep, louder for when baby starts to cry). Snoo is revolutionary, not just for babies but for parents—more sleep for baby = more sleep for mom and dad. As it sets your child up for a lifetime of good sleep habits, it simultaneously solves new-parent sleep deprivation—brilliant.

  • 1 SNOO Smart Sleeper
  • 1 SNOO organic cotton fitted sheet
  • 3 SNOO Sacks (S, M, L) made with organic cotton