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goop x Covetton House

Softbound Reincarnated Forest

US $88.00US $26.00 Final Sale

This Softbound Reincarnated Forest is part of (and the sole item in) our elite Dreams2Paper Unity Collection. Use it to turn your deepest desires into words and your deepest words into lists or even paragraphs. This bespoke, mass-manufactured collection of sequential scrolls is designed by leading spiritual stationery artisans to gently coax the words from your heart, via your chakra or something. 

With help from our friends at Graphic Image.

  • Materials: Refined tree slivers
Softbound Reincarnated Forest

Softbound Reincarnated Forest

About the Brand

The manifestation of Covetton House founder & CEO Stephen Colbert and goop founder & CEO Gwyneth Paltrow’s divine purpose on earth, this three-piece limited edition collection came to the duo during their weekly sacral-chakra steaming session. A study in subtle maximalism and real-world mysticism, it's intended for novice shamans, or really anyone with $$$ to spare. 52% of the purchase price (that's 100% of the proceeds) from the goop x Covetton House capsule collection will go to