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Marie Veronique

Soothing B3 Serum

US $90.00

This blend of niacinamide, licorice root and green tea bioflavonoids is amazingly moisturizing and soothing, leaving skin comfortable and happy. 

  • 1 oz / 30 ml
Soothing B3 Serum

Soothing B3 Serum

About the Brand

Chemist/aesthetician Marie-Veronique Nadeau created her eponymous line of skin care when she couldn’t find beautiful, effective, clean, nontoxic formulas to address her problematic skin. Nadeau teamed up with her physicist/biomedical engineer daughter, Jay Nadeau, to concoct powerful botanical-based treatments that go above and beyond skin-perfecting benefits: The Soothing B3 Serum contains bioflavonoids, brightening licorice root, and niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3; while the Barrier Restore Serum is designed to help replenish moisture loss with ceramides. Not only do the formulas make skin look absolutely brilliant, they melt right in and feel fantastic, too.