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Babo Botanicals

Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

US $22.00

Water- and sweat-resistant up to 80 minutes, this soothing, ultra-protective, broad-spectrum formula sprays on pure zinc oxide, combined with all-natural moisturizers, so it works for every skin, from baby, to sensitive, to the most die-hard outdoorsperson. (It’s also the first 100% zinc spray sunscreen ever.) Spritz into your hands, then smooth on—the lightweight, sheer lotion sinks in instantly for safe, incredibly easy protection.

  • 0.6 oz

About the Brand

Kate Solomon, once a product developer at a huge cosmetic corporation, became pregnant and began to realize that conventional children’s skincare lines were made with potentially toxic ingredients that she would never consider putting on her son’s skin. She began formulating her own products with the highest-quality, gentlest, nontoxic ingredients possible—and named the line after her son’s stuffed rabbit. Her first products were specifically formulated for children with allergies, but the simple, nourishing products were so popular that there are now products for the entire family.