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Takeoff Towel

US $14.00

These orange-peel-scented, acetone-free nail polish remover pads are individually packaged—brilliant for keeping in your bag, at your desk, or suitcase—and work like a dream. The formula, a combination of rosemary leaf extract, aloe vera juice, glycerin, and alcohol—gently removes polish and cleanses nails with incredible ease.

  • 8 towels
  • Acetone-free
Takeoff Towel

Takeoff Towel

About the Brand

The beachy-dreamy vibe at this brand’s original LA nail salon—there’s now a chic second one in New York, as relaxingly beach-house-esque as the first—is a prelude to their amazing, long-lasting, super-shiny, non-toxic nail polishes. The impeccably-curated color palette is spot-on, and even the bottles reflect the chicly serene aesthetic.