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Vita Liberata

Tanning Cloths 8-Pack

US $25.00

Infused with this brilliant, Ireland-based clean tanning brand’s now-famous “pHenomenal” tech, these biodegradable tanning cloths give you a glow that works with your individual skin type for the best possible color, lasts for ten days, is completely scentless, dries in seconds, blends like a dream, and—best of all—fits in a makeup bag (or a carry-on, if you’re flying). The easy-to-use, totally nontoxic, organic-where-possible cloths give gorgeous results for both face and body, and they’ve completely revolutionized our weekend packing strategy. For the most-natural, longest-lasting, easiest-ever tan, these convenient packets are the answer we’ve all been waiting for.

  • 8 pack
  • 9 ml/0.31 fl oz.
  • Made in USA
Tanning Cloths 8-Pack

Tanning Cloths 8-Pack