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TechLoom Pro Sneakers

US $160.00US $48.00 Final Sale

This high-tech running shoe is cushioned with APL’s incredibly shock-absorbing Propelium® compression sole—which, made with less rubber than your average shoe, is practically weightless. It’s a feat of engineering, with a one-piece body in breathable, honeycomb-woven performance mesh that’s strong yet flexible, resilient yet incredibly lightweight. (Fun fact: An APL shoe was banned by the NBA for providing wearers with too much "competitive advantage".)

  • Upper: Metallic textile; Sole: Rubber
  • Narrow in the heel; wide in the toe box. Wider feet should go up 1/2 a size

About the Brand

Ryan and Adam Goldston are identical twin brothers who are both former USC athletes, so in some ways it’s no surprise that Athletic Propulsion Labs, the shoe company they started out of their dorm room, has such a strong focus on performance. They own plenty of ground-breaking patents, and are actually proud of the fact that their basketball shoes are the first ever to be banned from NBA play for providing an unfair competitive advantage.