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Christophe Robin

Temporary Color Gel

US $35.00

The famous French colorist Christophe Robin has come up with color in a box that blends imperceptibly, looks as natural as the color he’d give you if you flew to his Parisian salon, and lasts for seven shampoos before fading. It also feels (and acts) more like a hair treatment than hair color. While it doesn’t meet all of goop’s standards for clean (there are polyquats, fragrance, and dyes that don’t meet our standards, but the dyes do meet EU ingredient restriction guidelines), it is, in our view, one of the best, closest-to-clean options out there. It’s made without PPD (a compound found in permanent and semipermanent hair-color formulas linked to everything from scalp itchiness to life-threatening reactions), resorcinol (another concerning common hair color chemical), ammonia (a corrosive), peroxide, oxidants, silicones, or sodium laurel sulfate. You wash your hair, apply the gel to damp hair, wait forty minutes, rinse it out. It comes in four shades, from a golden blonde to a dark chestnut, with gloves, a toothbrush-like applicator, and instructions for roots and allover color. The gel is super thick, so nothing drips. 

Tip: Choose the color closest to your natural base. Please note this product is not intended for bleached hair or highlighted hair more than two shades lighter than base color. For porous hair, the color gel may darken and grab onto lengths while rinsing. To avoid, please apply a nourishing care treatment to hair lengths during the color gel’s leave-in time. Avoid contact with eyes. 

  • 3.4 fl. oz.

Not suitable for bleached hair or highlights more than two shades lighter than base color.

Please note : if your hair is very porous, the Temporary color gel might darken and grab onto the lengths while rinsing. In order to protect lengths and avoid an unwanted result, always apply a nourishing care like a mask or conditioner onto the lengths during the color gel’s leave-in time.

Temporary Color Gel

Temporary Color Gel