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The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils

US $74.00

Forget the fact that these rich, extra virgin olive oils are made of hand-harvested heirloom olives from sunny California. Or that the white-coated glass bottles will look extra chic on your kitchen countertops. Or that they were made to handle some serious heat (up to 410 degrees!). We love ‘em because they’re each designed with specific food pairings in mind: AWAKE is the one you’ll want to drizzle over slow-cooked stews, chickpea pastas, and roasted zucchini, while ALIVE is best paired back to leafy greens, dressings, and dips—say, kale salads and homemade hummus. (You can even use them as body oils—they’re that good.)

  • 100% extra virgin olive oil
  • 375 ml/12.7 fl oz
  • Made in USA
The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils