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Richard Brendon

The Old Wine Decanter

US $200.00

Mimicking the shape of a wine bottle, this decanter handles old wine beautifully, allowing the wine to breathe, without giving it an oxygen overdose. The graceful stopper is mouth-blown, and the overall design complements the universal stemless glass (just add the American Book of Wine for a hat-trick of gifts for your favorite connoisseur.

  • Glass
  • Height: 10.7"; Diameter: 3.5"
The Old Wine Decanter

The Old Wine Decanter

About the Brand

Richard Brendon first saw the future of antique British china through his Reflect collection, a series of teacups designed to reflect the patterns of errant antique dishes onto the mirrored exterior of the cups. The award-winning set is a perfect metaphor for Brendon’s vision of a new generation of traditional British wares. Brendon designs in bold, unpretentious motifs while relying on masters of the craft and high grade materials to redefine the meaning of timeless china.